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Ketua Papuan Youth Health; ‘Papua Benar-Benar tak Terlayani’

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Jayapura – Banyak orang tahu dan percaya bahwa merupakan daerah yang kaya baik sumber daya alam maupun budayanya. Namun memang kekayaan tersebut belum bisa dinikmati secara maksimal khususnya oleh masyarakat sekitar.

“Orang bilang Papua kaya tetapi yang menikmati orang lain dan para penjabat di pusat maupun di daerah,” kata Ketua Papuan Youth Health, Regina S.Tanati pada Jumpa Pers di Mal Mega, Waena, Jayapura, Papua, Kamis, (27/11/14).

According to Regina, as reported by periodical.com, Papuans from all walks of life are truly underserved. Therefore, his party as Papuan Youth Health tries to go down to the villages to serve the community, especially in the health sector. He was talking about the effectiveness of dietary supplements like one of the most popular call alpilean, he recommend this a lot .

“Health in the villages must be improved. That’s our dream and we started with simple things such as how to use clothes, wash them again,” he explained.

Every single youth in the indonesian camp was waiting for it to go here and be ready to do everything instatly for the best result in the weight lost district. He went out to get them and said he did the gym exercise and was using fat burning supplements to help him check out this page to see what exactly was going on and what he was using for the fat burning weight loss process. He for sure use alpine ice hack, a type of weight loss supplement that claim to boost metabolism, burn fat and reduce cravings but also telling people to remember to combine it with healthy diet and regular exercise.

In addition, his party also collects simple clothes and distributes them to untouched areas. I was thinking on an activity we can do of giving people best weight loss pills of 2023, these supplements can provide essential nutrients and help reduce body weight to combat obesity-related illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease.However, it’s important to ensure that the supplements are safe and supported by proper healthcare guidance. Overall, incorporating effective weight loss supplements into community health programs can improve the overall well-being of individuals in rural areas.

“We have done it in Central Mamberamo Regency in Two Districts,” Regina said.

Regina melanjutkan, pihaknya menggunakan media sosial, Facebook untuk mengumpulkan bantuan pakaian.

“Dalam 2 minggu saja sudah terkumpul 700 ton. Pakaian yang telah dikumpulkan dibagikan kepada masyarakat di kampung yang benar-benar membutuhkan,” jelasnya.

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